The Charlotte Destination Group is organized to foster innovative ideas that lead to high impact meetings and events for our clients. Our mission is to provide a higher standard of service, sustainability and overall excellence by fully understanding our clients’ organizational goals and delivering on our promise through flawless execution.

Mission:  To fully understand the purpose and intended outcome for each client’s meeting, event or conference, and to customize each element to not only achieve the desired outcome, but to overachieve and create a significant “WOW” factor. We work in the background and it is always our goal to make our clients “look like heroes” in the eyes of their guests and key constituents.

Philosophy: No two companies are alike. At CDG, we do not package "cookie-cutter" events. Exceptional experiences begin with understanding the unique culture of the organizations we work with and the business objectives of the programs they want to execute. From planning to execution, we customize the many facets of each event to ensure that we align with each company’s stated goals, and to provide long-lasting, memorable results.
Standards: We take a marketing approach. What really differentiates CDG is that in addition to meeting and event planning, we have extensive corporate marketing and public relations experience. CDG not only provides event, meeting and destination management services designed to positively impact your guests, we work with each client to develop innovative ideas and solutions that positively impact your business and lead to return on objective, experience and investment. Whether you’re looking to organize a high-impact meeting or capitalize on your participation with a conference, convention or trade show, we look to gain insight into your event, your audience and your objectives to provide a program that is tailored to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.