Teambuilding has long been an effective way to enhance the workplace environment, integrate cultures and strengthen valuable relationships with employees and customers. CDG is “all about” creating team building events that specifically address the purpose for bringing a particular group of guests together, the activity level of the group and any cultural or social barriers that may exist. CDG will provide your guests with an interactive hands-on experience with lasting impact.

CDG will provide options for team building events that include ½ day activities that are engaging yet lighthearted in nature, or full or multi-day intensive instruction-led events developed to build upon a specific practice or thought process.

Team building events can be as effective through use of the senses as inspired through smell, sight, touch, taste and sound as they can through physical challenge. CDG designs teambuilding events that challenge the mind, body and/or spirit.

  • Teambuilding through physical activity
  • Teambuilding through observation & strategic thought
  • Teambuilding through music
  • Teambuilding through food & drink
  • Teambuilding through philanthropy