“It was extremely easy working with you, I’ve actually never worked with a DMC that was as involved in my events as you were. You went above and beyond, which I really appreciated!”

Stacy Mulligan, CMP

Meeting & Event Manager
Maritz Travel Company Onsite at MillerCoors

Large conference services include everything from site selection, production and a detailed run of show to comprehensive transportation and logistics. However, for smaller meetings, maybe assistance with airport meet and greets, booking keynote speakers and theming a ballroom for your signature reception or dinner event is all you really need. CDG can assist with making your conference details complete and your event memorable no matter how large or small.

Themed Special Events – For your final night gala or awards banquet, CDG will do its homework to understand what’s been done before, what went over well with attendees and what were the most memorable experiences from past conferences. Then we will go to work to outdo it! We will present multiple themes for you to choose from, add highly unique elements to set it apart and coordinate every detail!

Welcome and Exhibitor Receptions – CDG understand that many attendees travel great distances and invest significant time and money to participate in your conference, and exhibitors invest in order to gain new business and network with current and potential customers. Saying thank you and fostering those relationships is so important and often a great way to kick-off several days of sessions.  We really immerse ourselves with our planner partners to create events that infuse a taste of the local culture with the right amount of sophistication and interactivity to best suit the audience. CDG will create a welcome event that is just that – welcoming! 

  • Theming and Associated Décor, Signage and Props
  • Interactive Elements
  • Entertainment and Speakers
  • A/V and Full-Scale Production
  • On-Site Corporate Branding and Amenities
  • Food and Beverage/BEO Management
  • Off-Site Events and Dine-Arounds
  • Gift Pack Fulfillment and Distribution
  • Incentives for Attendee Interaction with Exhibitors
  • Registration and Event Staffing